June 2011 archive

Jun 28

Ummm score!

On my home from work and what do I see in the 90 degree heat? One of my neighbors with a few things sitting outside with a sign “Free to good home”. Sitting next to that sign, a perfectly good snowblower. Woot! Been on my list since buying this house with a huge driveway. Free, …

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Jun 26

Sunday night Kacsh tradition

Grill going on a blazing hot Colorado night in June. On the menu tonight.. Potatoes, turkey burgers, chicken fillets and wings, corn on the cob, veggie dogs, and tlipia fish tacos. Tweet

Jun 19

New grill chugging away!

Nice cool Colorado evening. Had the new grill cooking all day to break it in. Now time for some food on it! Tweet

Jun 18

Nice big new grill!

A nice father’s day present from the family. Took a bit to assemble it but man is it nice, even a smoker too! Tweet

Jun 12

Dogs & Bobs’

Dogs & Bobs’ to finish it off tonight. Tweet

Jun 12

Yea we are a BBQ family.

Yea we are a BBQ family. Tweet

Jun 12


Tyler checking out the snowpeas! Tweet

Jun 12

Tyler VS Sprinkler

Tyler VS the sprinkler! Tweet

Jun 12

Veggie garden!

Son standing next to what will be the first tomatoes of the year soon. Tweet

Jun 12

Another Sunday night!

High 70’s, freshly mowed backyard, and what else would we be doing? Tweet