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86′ Lifted Subaru Sedan – SOLD

SOLD to make room for the 64 Nova!

My Lifted 1986 Subaru GL 4WD Sedan:

The Story:

Started it’s life as a normal 1986 Subaru GL Dual Range 4WD Sedan someplace in Oregon. I’m sure it did it’s first few owners well (I really have no clue) and made it’s way out to Colorado in 2000. Shortly after arriving in Colorado it suffered a break down and ended up a mechanics shop down the street.  There it sat for almost 5 years, in good condition. Finally the owner of the shop wanted it gone and threw it on craigslist for $100. Needless to say I picked it up, and turned it into my “Project Cheap” or my “don’t put a ton of money into it…just a lift, bigger tires/wheels, and anything needed to make it somewhat off-road worthy for fun for the family”. Yea well things don’t always work out exactly how you imagined do they? Continued after the Before and After pics just to get you wondering….


Tiny Subaru


Big Subaru


More to come I promise!

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