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1964 Chevy II Nova

The new Kacsh family hotrod!

After selling our 3 older Subarus and clearing out our driveway, and then looking for the last few months we finally found our new project. Car is dirty from sitting in a wood shop warehouse for the last several years (had fresh paint job before sitting), but is beautiful. Almost everything that is needed to complete it (chrome, new upholstery/headliner, rubber, etc) is in the car/trunk. Currently has a small block 307 with a 4 barrel edelbrock and the original 2-speed power glide automatic transmission. Will get the much more powerful small block out of the truck and a 3 or 4 speed automatic transmission in the future, but for now it does run and drive pretty well.

1964 Chevy II Nova

The day we bought her!

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